It's all about what grows here
The people who have come before
How you can smell the dirt
And feel the music
Rolling down 61
This is home . . .
This is the Delta.

by Jamie Ferguson Jacks

Named after Highway 61, the legendary road of the blues from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico, HIGHWAY 61® AG is a privately owned company that was founded in October 2000. In the 1940s and 1950s, Highway 61 was the freedom road over which many, many African-Americans traveled north to what they hoped would be a better life. Some found it better, some found it worse...

Our activities:

  • Development, manufacturing and trade of computer software and internet solutions, in particular geographic information systems.
  • Services in the field of information and telecommunication technology.
  • Interpretation and delivery of all types of data, in particular in the field of cartography, route and travel planning, traffic and meteorology.
  • Development of concepts/ideas for new computer software products/services.
  • Transformation of concepts/ideas into marketable software products/services.
  • Exploitation of copyrights on software products/services and accompanying brand/product-names.

HIGHWAY 61: The Road Ahead!

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E-mail: info@highway61.ch

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